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4 Tips to Finding the Best Gold Jewelry Online Store

If you are wondering how to find the Best Gold Jewelry Online Store, this is the article for you. This article will provide tips on what to look for when conducting your search and how to validate your findings.

Jewelry Stores

The first thing to understand is all jewelry stores in the USA are regulated and need to keep accurate records of all sales and inventory and report certain sales to the federal government. They need to ensure their inventory does not come from areas of the world that violate ethics and also need to keep track of who is buying from them to avoid money laundering scams.

  • Although you may see a jewelry website that looks very professional, secure, and with adequate support, if the website is not based in the USA, it does not need to follow any USA regulations or policies.
  • If a website does not have a phone number or address, then you should pause and do a bit more research on the website and company.
  • If a website does not have a privacy policy, terms of use page, or other legal pages and policies, you may want to avoid it and move on.
  • Check on the company’s return policy and guarantee. You should move on to the next website if it does not have one. Avoid doing business with companies that do not have a clear policy on returns and guarantees.

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Best Gold Jewelry Online Store Tips

When searching for a website that meets your needs, first find a website with the items you feel align with your needs. Company websites will focus their business and inventory on a certain kind of customer. For instance, jewelry websites may concentrate 80% of their inventory on iced, diamond-crusted jewelry. You may find some items that may interest you, but most of their good buys will be in the iced jewelry. Even though the company may have a few things you like, the prices will likely be higher because the inventory choices are lower.

  • Look for a jewelry company with most of its jewelry in your search styles.
  • Ensure the company can support your needs for either your buying style or wholesale buying.
  • Stay away from jewelry stores that focus on areas of seasonality or styles that do not match your buying needs.

Gold Fineness and Percentages

Best Gold Jewelry Online Store

Gold comes at all shapes, sizes, and prices. Knowing what kind of fineness a store carries will tell you immediately whether it is in your price range. First off, let’s discuss what fineness is.

Fineness is the total parts of metal that make up gold. Gold is not 100% pure. Gold comes with one, two, or many other parts of other metals to harden it or change its color. The parts make up the karat weight and percentage, which then influences the price.

Here is a breakdown of the parts of gold and what to expect when making a purchase.

  • 1000 parts (999,99%) 24 Pure gold – This is pure gold and the most expensive you will find in any store. Although it may sound alluring, it is also very soft and will not hold its shape. Just a simple bump on a table can scratch it and change its form. The good thing about pure gold is its shape can be easily changed. This kind of gold is best in bar and coin form and is not ideal for wearing.
  • 958 parts, 23 karat gold – This is just a notch down from 24 karats, but also very soft and best used when wrapped in a metal setting such as silver to platinum to protect its shape. This gold is best in bar and coin form.
  • 916 parts, 22 karat gold – With this percentage of gold, you are getting into the wearable kind. It polishes well but is also a bit software. This kind of gold should be used in pendants, charms, and chains, not for rings. Gold coins also use this percentage of gold.
  • 900 parts, 21 karat gold – This kind of gold is more affordable than its 22 karat cousin and more durable. It is used in coin form, rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, charms, watches, and more.
  • 750 parts, 18 karat gold for jewelry is the lowest percentage of gold in most European countries and common form in Europe. This gold is ideal for any form or setting and retains its value.
  • 585 parts, 14 karat gold for jewelry is the common form for the USA and the most affordable while still retaining its value. This kind of gold is stable, durable, and common in any jewelry setting.

Gold Commonly Found in the USA

  • 500 parts, 12 karat gold for jewelry is a lower quality gold that may contain other types of lower quality metal. The good thing about this gold is that it is extremely durable while holding a bit of gold. In some countries, gold at this percentage is not allowed to be sold in retail stores. In the USA, it is harder to find this kind of gold.
  • 375 parts, 9 karat gold jewelry. This is the smallest percentage of gold in jewelry. Although it is very cheap and does not hold its retail value, it is durable and still looks like gold. This percentage of gold is not allowed to be sold as retail merchandise in many countries.

In the USA, there are a lot of options when it comes to gold. The best jewelry stores in USA will focus on a certain percentage of gold and gear their sales to this kind of customer. Some of those instances when searching for how to find the best gold jewelry store online are finding many stores that focus exclusively on 14 karat gold because it is the most affordable.

While other online jewelry stores focus on higher-end customers and sell their goods to those seeking 18k or higher karat gold. Keep in mind that some countries such as Italy ban the sale of gold lower than 18 karats. Knowing the gold regulations of a country will help you understand when and where to buy. These are some of the best tips to finding the best gold jewelry online store.

For instance, the reputable and respected online jewelry company Halo Precious Halo and Stones focuses on 21-karat gold jewelry and diamonds. The interesting thing about this company is it does its best to keep its prices affordable for its clients. At the same time, they still adhere to impeccable quality and gold standards.

Use these tips and approaches to find the best Best Gold Jewelry Online Store. Use for yourself or for your business needs. If you are searching for earrings, bracelets, pendants, or more. Click here to view our inventory of 21 karat gold.